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Address: 16 Kowhai Ford Road Kaikoura 7371 South Island New Zealand Ph:  03 319 5033



Small Print - continued

Cleaning = We ask that you leave the property in the condition you found it, eg: wash and put away dishes, clean barbecue facilities, put away toys, clean up any mess, etc. Our cleaning staff are expected to: change and wash sheets & towels, clean toilet and bathroom, vacuum, empty waste bins, etc. Any extra cleaning time will be charged at $20 per 30 minutes to rectify problem(s) - min. charge $20. This pays to have additional staff available on stand-by, their transport cost & travel time, and the cleaning time itself. THANKS for your help and understanding.

Inventory = on very, very rare occasions we find items missing or broken. Normal wear & tear is not a problem, but if anything is missing or broken, we reserve the right to charge you to replace the item(s). If you have a problem, or something breaks, etc. please let us know, so we can talk about it.

Cancellation Policy

Payment = We charge 10% non-returnable deposit at time of booking, and the balance within one month of your check-in.
If you book within a month of check-in, we charge 100% straight away, and we modify our Cancellation Policy as follows: If you cancel 11+ days from check-in = 20% loss. If you cancel within 10 days = 100% loss.

Change your Booking = We will change your booking, where we can, without charge, subject to availability and our fair-use policy. If you change to more expensive date(s) or property, more guests, etc. you will be asked to pay the difference within 48 hours. If not paid, your booking will be cancelled (as outlined below). If the change is cheaper = no refunds

Cancellation = if we cancel for any reason = 100% refund. If you cancel:

30+ days before check-in date = you lose your deposit, or just $20 admin fee (whichever is the greater),  per property

20-29 days from check-in = you lose 20% of your full payment.

11-19 days from check-in = you lose 50% of your full payment.

Within 10 days of check-in = you lose 100% of your full payment.

No-show = the full amount will be charged.

Cancel within 24 hours of booking = you lose your deposit, or just $20 admin fee (whichever is greater), per property